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  1. Objective of the website
    The information and opinions on this Website are purely informative in nature. Nothing on this Website shall be considered a solicitation, enticement, offer or commitment by Natixis to implement a transaction under the conditions described therein or under any other conditions, nor as the basis of any contract or legal, tax or other advice, nor a recommendation to undertake any transaction.
    All information contained on this Website is provided for information purposes only and constitutes a presentation of products, services, research and analysis recognised and created by Natixis. It is the users’ responsibility to check the information provided and to use it appropriately. Natixis shall not be held liable for the use made of the information provided on this Website. This Website does not take into account the individual investment objectives, financial situation or specific needs of any individual users. It is the users’ responsibility to check the information provided and to use it appropriately. Natixis shall not be held liable for the use made of the information provided on this Website.
  1. Information relating to financial products and indices
    The financial products and indices described on this Website may not prove to be appropriate investment instruments for all users. Access to the financial products and indices described on this Website may be subject to restrictions for certain persons or in certain countries. None of the financial products and indices presented here will be provided by Natixis to a person if this is prohibited by the law of their country of origin or of another country which may apply to them. The user is asked to make sure that he/she is legally authorised to connect to this Website in the country from which the connection is made. Furthermore, purchases relating to these financial products and indices may entail risks. Potential investors should be aware that the value of all financial products and indices may decrease, even to zero, and they could therefore lose all of their initial investment. The information concerning the performance of financial products and indices always refers to the past. Historic trends are not to be used as a basis for the projection of performance or future trends regarding the financial product or index in question. Similarly, historic trends cannot, under any circumstances, represent a guarantee of future performance. Furthermore, the values and prices available on this Website referring to a specific financial product, any other financial product or underlying asset may not reflect the value or the price available on their respective market at the time at which the user is ready to buy or sell a specific financial product or currency. The values and prices available on the Website do not take into account transaction amounts. The amount associated with a transaction can therefore lead to a difference in values and prices. Under no circumstances does Natixis offer a guarantee: a) that the financial products and indices presented on this Website are suited to investors; b) on the accounting or tax consequences of an investment from among the financial products and indices presented; c) on the future performance of any financial products and indices; d) on the communication of a notice to the users of this Website at the appropriate time and on the accuracy of the information when the indicated limits are reached. Investors should consider all the risks before investing in any financial product or index and should consult (as necessary) an independent financial adviser as well as a legal, accounting or tax advisor, regardless of the investment selected. A user’s access to this Website or to any information available on this Website does not mean that the user becomes a Natixis client. Furthermore, Natixis does not assume any obligations or responsibilities toward any user of this Website: in particular, it should be noted that no agreement about a transmission of information will be concluded between Natixis and the user. Natixis makes every effort to ensure that information published on this Website is accurate and up to date, and reserves the right to correct the content at any time without notice. The information on this Website produced by Natixis was obtained from sources deemed to be reliable. It cannot, however, guarantee the exhaustive nature or accuracy of the information or the absence of any changes made by a third party (viruses, hacking). Moreover, it shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions in this information. The information provided by this Website is presented on the indicated date and Natixis offers no express or implicit guarantee, including, but not limited to, that the Website will meet your expectations now or in the future, nor any guarantee that it will be uninterrupted, timely or error-free, nor that the results obtained using this Website are correct and reliable now or in the future. Past performance does not necessarily determine future performance. All indications of price are temporarily delayed and intended exclusively for private use. It is therefore the responsibility of any user of this Website to check the validity and/or updated status of any data published. Natixis accepts no responsibility regarding the accuracy, completeness or appropriateness of information and opinions on this Website or any associated consequences that may arise. Furthermore, Natixis cannot be held liable for any typographical or material errors that may appear on this Website.
  2. Changes to the conditions of use
    Natixis reserves the right to amend or change, at any time and without prior notice, the contents of this Website or these conditions of use. These changes will take effect from the time they go online on the Website. Users are therefore invited to consult the latest online version of the Website. The user’s presence on the Website implies full acceptance of any revisions or changes.
  3. Availability of the Website
    Access to the Website is free. The costs of accessing and using the telecommunications network are charged to the user in accordance with the methods established by the parties supplying access and by telecommunications operators. Natixis shall endeavour to keep the Website available at all times. However, Natixis accepts no responsibility for this and will not provide compensation in the event of an interruption of operation or temporary, extended or permanent unavailability of the Website for any reason whatsoever.
  4. Hypertext links
    This Website may contain links to other websites from third parties and consequently allows access to external information which has been produced and supplied by third parties independent of Natixis. Natixis has no connection to or influence over these websites and refers to them solely to provide information on the location and content of such sites. The publication of these links by Natixis does not represent a solicitation, authorisation, promotion or involvement by Natixis in these websites, their owners or the persons responsible for these sites. Natixis has not verified the information, software, or products of these third party websites. Natixis is therefore not responsible for the content of these websites. The site owners or persons responsible are liable for the respective sites. These individuals assume responsibility for the content of their sites. Natixis shall immediately remove the links of websites for which infringements are noted. Natixis is not responsible for losses incurred by the use of the information made available. Generally, it is the user’s responsibility to take the necessary steps to ensure that the selected Website is not infected by any virus or any other destructive bug. Under no circumstances may Natixis be held responsible for direct or indirect damage stemming from the use of its Website or other related sites.
  5. Intellectual property
    This Website is protected in France by the Code de la Propriété Intellectuelle (French Intellectual Property Code) and outside France by the prevailing international copyright conventions. Reproduction of all or part of this site, by any means, is strictly prohibited except with the express authorisation of Natixis. Any breach of copyright is an infringement of intellectual property rights and subject to the penalties of five years’ imprisonment and a fine of 500,000 euros under article L. 335-2 of the French Intellectual Property Code. Natixis is the owner of the rights and all component elements of this site, any of its pages and any information published therein. The content of this Website is protected by the French Intellectual Property Code. Users of this Website are therefore prohibited from reproducing (in whole or in part), selling, changing, or using in any way, whether free of charge or for payment, the contents of the Website without the prior written authorisation of the Publishing Director. Furthermore, the creation of hypertext links to this Website is subject to the prior express agreement of Natixis.
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  7. Safeguarding your personal data
    It should be noted that the confidentiality of any correspondence is not guaranteed on the network; it is each user’s responsibility to take all appropriate measures to protect their data and/or software from any viruses circulating online. It should also be noted that fraudulently accessing or maintaining a computer system, hindering or distorting the operation of such a system, or fraudulently introducing or amending data on a computer system is an offense that is subject to criminal penalties.